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   Important Domain Tools

  NameBio ( )
  • Filter and research previous sale results for domains
  • Find out which venue the domains have been sold on
  • Conduct trend analysis for domain sales
  • Advertise your own domain on the platform
NameWorth ( )
  • Instantly research .COM domain valuations
  • Tier your domains by quality ( 1 - 4 )
  • Give you instant quantitative information on your domain value

GoDaddy Auctions ( )
  • Access to exclusive and high quality domain auctions and closeout domains
  • Exclusive marketplace to sell your domains
  • Mobile app is available "GoDaddy Investor" for on the go auctions and domain acquisition ( )
  • Easy to use domain expiration service
  • Provides quick and easy filters to filter quality names
  • Great alternative for

GFY ( )
  • XXX and adult industry forums
  • Marketplace available to cater and sell exclusively XXX related domains

DN Journal ( )
  • Provides quality industry news and content
  • Consistently updated domain sales listing
  • View trends and hitting news around the industry

Dofo ( )
  • Discover and filter domain lists easily
  • Simple, powerful, and easy to use domain search engine
  • Fantastic resource for rapid domain data

NameTalent ( )
  • Very reputable resource and blog catering to industry professionals
  • Industry leaders providing unique content consistently
  • Worth the read for any domain investor! You will learn something new here.

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18 May, 2020

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