It was a Wednesday. The average temperature was approximately 58.93 in New York City. There was 200 people killed by an explosion at a gasoline station in Accra, Ghana.

And while all of this was happening --the domain Illuminati was afoot for some serious and incredible shenanigans.

One man with a mission -- sought to stop them.

A user registered what would later be dubbed as "THE MOST EXPENSIVE DOMAIN OF ALL TIME". Or the most "MINDBLOWING" domain to ever exist. To make his personal vendetta against the Illuminati known.

Upon opening this website -- you are asked a simple question.

No matter which choice you choose -- you will be redirected to the homepage of the website.

It's none other than the most TOP domain to ever exist. (literally)

(screenshot from

The website goes into incredible and hefty detail that would put any internet copypasta to shame.

If you were to copy and paste the entire SEDO description detailing his listing for sale into google docs.

It would be 46 pages long and 59,179 characters long

Even Grammarly says that the document is too long for it to be evaluated on their service.

This domain has a history and a mission:

To stop the Illuminati in their tracks by registering the most top domain in existence.

To quote from the creator:

" Again, every bid for the highest, the most valuable and the most expensive domain name of all time is a statement against the Illuminati (may they be cursed). "

Some of the many -- many ramblings on the website.

According to him every single bid including the 1,000$ minimum USD on the SEDO lander is a political and charged statement to call out the Illuminati. 

Kingof.TOP | Domain Illuminati's interesting and peculiar choice of branding has gained him quite some notoriety within the domaining community. He now has come to have his own myth about him that gets revisited every so often in the domain industry by industry professionals and random helpless internet passerby's alike.

And the figure known as [KING of .TOP ] AKA [ Domain Illuminati ]
Is willing to sell you his web child -- for a price.

But expect it to be in the millions.

The incredible amount of renewals that have been incurred each year on top of the personal conviction for the brainchild that is this domain is probably the most branded domain name in existence that has not been sold or developed for corporate use.

And it will not be sold for anything less than the million-dollar mark.

Although his sales pitch has not been successful and seen a sale yet -- he has received a total of three bids on it since he re-uploaded his domain listing for the website.

He shows no signs of stopping -- the domain is registered currently all the way out till  2027-06-03.

He continues to actively update his sites regularly and consistently attempts to secure the sale for his creation.

Will he be successful and find that end-user who will help him slay the Illuminati?

Only time will tell.

His story is one of incredible personal effort and conviction into branding his domain name in a unique way that has remained in the minds of many across the industry.

There are very few others with that kind of level of conviction behind their names.

I suspect we can all take a page and learn something from the amount of effort and branding that this mystery can provide.

Until next time -- this is Domain Mysteries Part One.



18 May, 2020

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